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The bride Vitaly Kozlovsky dumped him before the wedding

Невеста Виталия Козловского бросила его перед свадьбой Ramin Achakzai reported that it took from Vitaly Kozlovsky.

On his page in Instagram the ex-participant of the project “the Bachelor” and the bride Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky told about the breakup right before the scheduled wedding.

Ramin Achakzai wrote the following:

“Finita la comedia …
Friends, journalists and all concerned people who were interested in the life of our with the acne pair.
I want to tell you that we’re not together anymore, we broke up .
This is a difficult decision I took. The reason was my commitment to the creation of marriage.
Just want to protect themselves from slander from the press and write that the cause of the breakup is not about cheating and not such negative things .
So, we took a break in the relationship. As will be further – time will tell.”

Later she added: “P. S: I understand we play the game “Dumb and dumber”, you need to declare a competition for the invention of the most stupid reasons for the separation!”. So she made it clear that the audience too much time to the discussion of the causes of the breakup of a relationship Vitali and Rimini.

The blame for the breakup with Kozlowski Achakzai took over, putting on their unwillingness to enter into a formal marriage, though, a few months ago she accepted the offer of marriage from the singer and they were preparing for their upcoming wedding, but still did not work.

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