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The BRIDE and 12 new online horror!

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Two months have passed since the time when we were making the last selection license, but free genre new Russian online cinemas. And during that time held several notable releases. And that means it’s time to present you the new collection!

What to do if there is no time or money to go to a movie? What if a movie did not show anything interesting for you personally? To visit us in the Media Zone Horror, where we collect ALL that you can and should watch free and legal. In the next selection – a Baker’s dozen of new and not so horror films that go in the following order: “Bride”, “Train to Busan”, “Manifold”, “It’s alive”, “Out of darkness”, “House with paranormal phenomena”, “the Babadook”, “Apollo 18”, “13 sins”, “Lavalanche 2”, “Island three”, “Monsters of the South” and “the Burning dead”.

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