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The brave woman were forced to escape armed robbers. Video

Отважная женщина заставила сбежать вооруженных грабителей. ВидеоHapless burglars in a panic began to run

The network is gaining popularity curious incident captured by a surveillance camera installed at one of the town houses in Alberton South Africa.

The footage shows how the 42-year-old woman driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee goes to his yard, but behind her followed the van driver who blocked the gates, and his accomplices with guns in hand rushed to the lady.

However, the woman did not open the car door. Instead she put it in reverse and rammed the car of the robbers.

The criminals tried to escape in the van, but the woman once more rammed the car.

Frightened by this unexpected rebuff, the hapless robbers panicked and abandoned the car and ran away.

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