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The bracelets on men’s hands is attractive!

Браслеты на мужских руках - это привлекательно!Who said that men should not wear jewelry or something in this limit? Modern fashion not only allows men to adorn themselves, and encouraged to wear jewellery for ceremonial events and in everyday life. Jewelers are constantly working on creating new collections, so that each man could follow the latest trends and look stylish. Experts jewelry 925 Silver Jewellery portal tell you how to choose men’s silver bracelet.

Choose depends on

First decide on the style who prefers a man. It is important not to make mistakes. Sometimes business men wear under their shirts is not business jewelry. Select the type of item: bracelet made of silver or a combination of leather and silver. Leather bracelets will fit young men and boys, such products prefer creative person. In addition, if the man is creative, pay attention to the bracelets for the beads shown in the catalogue Such a bracelet, the man will be able to change, complementing the Foundation beads.

A variety of pendants for bracelet — great for future gifts.

Браслеты на мужских руках - это привлекательно!

Men’s silver bracelets with traditional Bismark prefer Mature, stable personality. Men of a sports Constitution who prefer sports style in clothes and accessories, also choose a classic.

Determined by the length and thickness of the weave

Here everything is simple. Men with large hands fit bracelets surround netting and massive panels, and for owners of delicate hands with long fingers fit fine chain.

The easiest way to find the length of the bracelet is to measure your watch strap or bracelet which a man wears. Another option is to measure the hand. Use a centimeter measuring, tape measure or just a slip of paper, which then can be applied to the line to see the result. By measuring the resulting cut, add 1-1,5 cm and get the desired length of the bracelet. Determine how a man will wear — close to skin or loose to make the final decision. If necessary, seek advice from the experts.

Please note that selecting jewelry for men is the exercise that requires patience. Please keep in mind preferences and wishes of the men, his character, watch what kind of watches and bracelets he wears. Most importantly — choose to be happy and to gift has become a favorite accessory!

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