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The BPP said that instead of the ATO

В БПП рассказали, что будет вместо АТОThe draft law on reformatting of the ATO and reintegration of Donbass is in the final stages of consultation.

The draft law, which is anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass will be offered new, more global format of confrontation with the Russian aggressor, will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada in the near future. This was reported today by the leader of the BPP Arthur Gerasimov in comments to reporters.

“In the final stages of consultations on the draft law on the reintegration of Donbass. There are two large components. The first concerns the anti-terrorist operation”, – he said.

Gerasimov noted that due to the anti-terrorist operation managed to stop the enemy and liberate a significant part of the territory East of the country.

“Now, when we won, when we restored the army, defense industry and as we are a hybrid war… we need to move to a completely different, more global level of response and the cessation of Russian aggression… Is a new level of counteraction to the aggressor,” he said.

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The second block, according to Gerasimov, for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied areas of Donbass. He did not specify whether the draft law discussed prior to the end of the session (until mid-July – ed.); noted that the document will be submitted to Parliament “soon”.

Gerasimov said that the draft we are not talking about the introduction of martial law in ORDO. He recalled that the mechanism of the imposition of martial law settled and can be applied without additional changes to the legislation.

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“With regard to the use of the APU, it is true that now we can use them or during hostilities, declared war, or during the antiterrorist operation. Now, this issue will be resolved,” he added.

At the meeting of the conciliation Council, the representative of the President in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko said that “work continues” on the draft law on de-occupation of Donbass. She noted that the draft we are talking in particular about the legal status of hostilities.

“We are talking to in the act on the legal status of hostilities, we are talking about recognition of the legal status ORDO, we’re talking about improving the socio-economic management to solve the problems of people in the conflict zone”, – she said.

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