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The boys climb into someone’s house in the passage from “Summer of 84”

Thanks Comic-Con, we now have this cute piece of retro-Thriller Summer of ’84. The main characters of the film, teenage boys armed with flashlights, climb into someone else’s house. Why do they do it? To catch the criminal, of course!

Fascinated by all sorts of conspiracy theories Davey Armstrong suspects that his neighbor, a police officer may be a serial killer, which is written in the local Newspapers. Along with three friends-Davy begins his own investigation…

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Starring Graham Vercher (TV’s “Fargo”), rich Sommer (“Giant mechanical man”), Tiera Skovby (“Supernatural”), Jude Lewis (“Destruction”), Caleb emery (“Queen of scream”) and Corey Grueter-Andrew (“Occa”).

Director’s chair divides the canadian trio , françois Simar, and Yoann-Karl and Anouk Whissell (“Turbo kid”).

In American cinema “Summer of 84” will occur on August 10 this year.

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