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The book, for which not mind to pay 1300 rubles

A real event in the world bill of horror: cult novel Jack Ketchum “the Girl opposite” (The Girl Next Door, 1989) , finally published in Russian in the “Black series” publisher “Mamonov VV”! Mamonov and his men spetsializiruyutsya legal short-run (and therefore very expensive) edition, and a “Black series” is an excellent edition of the horror literature of that Area of Horror boldly recommends that anyone who is not sorry. About the level of the book says at least the fact that the Foreword was written by Stephen king. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The summer of 1958. The Cold war era. America lives on the edge of constant fear and fed a narrow-minded appeasement. During the crayfishing teenager Davy Moran meets his new neighbor Meg loughlin, who after the tragic death of his parents together with his sister Susan went to live with their aunt Ruth Chandler. What could be a touching story of first love, turns into a nightmare when Ruth, gradually going mad from boredom and frustration in life, waking up to animal cruelty. She leads the orphans sadistic game in which soon involved her sons and the children from the neighborhood, and only Davy can stop it. But will he have enough courage to go against everyone… and especially against himself?

The basis of the novel is based on a true story of the horrific murder of 16-year-old Sylvia, Likens (Wikipedia in your hands, if you want to know the details) — and therefore the warning that the book is not recommended to impressionable individuals, more than fair.

Here he writes about the novel translator:

Heavy, very heavy book, and pass it through themselves – the experience is unforgettable and enviable. Not once in the process, I felt so devastated, I could hardly find the strength to return to it again.
No, it’s not a “horror novel” and not a book about violence; if you come here out of curiosity voyeristic or sublimation of their desires, then you are at. Ketchum is not scary it is boring; he’s got something worse – he grabs you by the throat and a long, infinitely long gets in the face of everything you thought, everything you’ve ever done, for everyone that you hurt. It is not “shock therapy” from “a Clockwork orange”, is a guide in the dark recesses of your own soul. Yes, there are scenes of violence, rape, humiliation, and yet, this is the book you need, right and bright; perhaps the best novel about morality and conscience in the last century. I hope this book will make everyone a little bit better. Read. After no one stays the same.

The creation of the book was attended by many famous people — we did one of the regular interpreters webzine DARKER Amet of Kamolidinov, editing — Anatoly Umansky, noted in “the Most terrible book 2017” story “America” illustrations — a remarkable artist from St. Petersburg Fedor Ionin. The book is available on the journal website, or just email us mamonbook@mail.ruand for your money you get two novels for the price of one — but “the Girls…” the book includes the novel “Hide and seek” (Hide and Seek, 1984) — terrible story about a group of young people decided to play hide and seek in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Edition only 300 copies, and not the fact that they will overprint.

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