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The bodyguard told new details of Hitler’s death

Телохранитель поведал новые подробности смерти Гитлера The bodyguard told, as happened to witness the suicide of Hitler.

Historians have carefully studied a book by a former bodyguard of the leader of Germany Adolf Hitler Rochus Mike, who described in detail the events of the last day of the führer and his suicide.

It is reported by foreign news by the British newspaper the Sun.

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Specialistin managed to get hold of the book of Hitler’s bodyguard Rochus Mike called “the Last witness of Hitler.” In the publication, which is written not in German but in English, the bodyguard said, as happened to witness the suicide of Hitler and his civil wife Eva Braun in the bunker. Misch writes that when he entered the bunker he saw the unfortunate Eva Braun, who was sitting motionless over the body of Hitler with his head bowed and crying. The body of Hitler was in a horizontal position, head slightly bent sideways, and the eyes of the Fuhrer were open. Also in his book, the bodyguard claimed that Hitler was a “good leader” and “normal person.”

Recall that Rochus Misch was a messenger and telephone operator in the bunker Hitler from 1940 until the end of the war in may 1945. During the suicide of Hitler he was in another room of the bunker. Mish was the first man who saw the lifeless body of a German leader. After the suicide of the Fuhrer Mike managed to escape from the bunker, but he was caught by Soviet troops and sent to a labor camp where he spent 9 years. Misch died in Berlin in 2013 at the age of 96 years.

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