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The bluff became a national industry

Блеф стал национальной индустрией России

The bluff became a national industry. This is understandable: if there are no resources for the replenishment of statehood, where we used to live, you have to play poker. Pretend that we have in hand a more powerful map than it actually is.
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The government is bluffing. The Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin argues that in Russia “there is a significant economic growth.” It is unclear why live worse. Sergey Lavrov says that there was a reduction of the influence of the “historical West” and the Russian policy “is shared by most countries in the world”. It is not clear why Russia is being crippled by Western sanctions, if the West is not affected, and the majority of shares?

Bluffing Kremlin experts. “Liberal democracy will have to retreat. The process of disintegration and the creation of the future world order will last for several more decades. Russia has good opportunities to influence its formation,” — promise oracles (Sergei Karaganov). But how to influence, being in isolation and under sanctions?

Finally, a master class in bluff gives the President himself: “We’re… ahead of all of our, so to speak, partners and competitors. High-precision hypersonic weapons as long as no one… so in this sense we feel confident.”

However, apparently realizing that a familiar song can lose credibility, the President proceeds to blackmail bluff: “We are not afraid of anything. Not everywhere, not all countries have this predisposition of citizens to give his life for the Fatherland, and we have.” And as if unleashed, a mob of television experts screamed “War!”. In short, assure the West that it is ready for the blood, if the West will not allow the Kremlin to save face (including to their own people). Frighteningly insane. However, bristling with saliva TV room says, apparently about a real mental disorder.

But more recently, the bluff worked. Liberal democracy retreated before the Russian unceremoniously. But, obviously, wore out and bluff brought a “return”. Flabby democracy build muscles and snarls. Instead of the usual “engagement” of Russia, the West is surrounding Russia defensive moat, shoving us into the leprosarium. Instead create the non-West, and become its leading force, Russia is creating a New West in which Russia has no place.

But what about meetings at the highest level — with the Macron, Merkel and soon with trump, not to mention the smaller bird? Let us not delude ourselves: it is the Western part of our bluff. They’re hopeless, said the Western elite. So why not play along and appease their aggressiveness! In fact, Western society konsolidiruyutsya around the idea of “Russia the enemy”. There on the scene your guys, building a career on Russophobia. That’s just what one of them is John Bolton, the assistant to trump national security, explained to President Putin, why America is out of the system of mutual nuclear deterrence.

The biggest humiliation for the Kremlin is that America is going to dump the liabilities that are the guarantee of our America parity, and therefore a symbol of our statehood, Throws not because Americans are suddenly concerned about our violations. America destroys the bipolarity with Russia, because she needs a free hand for the formation of another bipolarity with China! In this tango Russia — the third wheel.

Of course, to return attention of America, you can participate in the arms race. If you want to break his neck. To compete in a race war, with a military budget of $ 46 billion, with a country that spends on military needs $ 700 billion (add here the UK’s military budget of 60 billion and France with Germany, which have a military budget of 40 billion dollars) — this is an example of the state of suicide. And proved that the Soviet Union in 1991

The process of reproduction of the Russian bluff raises the question about the adequacy of those who did bluff our way of life. To what extent bluffing understand what they are doing? Although it does not matter. It does not matter. It is important that the Kremlin’s blackmail bluff means that this resource is running out. The power can’t foresee the results of their poker. Moreover, a bluff, as we can see, destroys the existence space of Russia, eliminating road signs for a safe trajectory of the state. There comes a time of “Russian Roulette”.

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