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The blogger told of how people live today in the “LC”

Блогер рассказала, как сегодня живется людям в "ЛНР"Yana Viktorova outlined the important points.

Captured by Pro-Russian terrorists in Luhansk there is poverty and despair.

This was reported by a blogger from Lugansk Yana Viktorova.

“Life here and now form I have a strange belief that to survive and to live, not surviving, there can only be one who is more agile of the others. Before the war I never caught myself on this… Every twists, sickened, and gives something to feed himself and his family to live and survive, not go down in this stormy sea of change. “The government” throws the elderly increase in pensions – 5%. Rejoice! Children are allocated 5 roubles a day for meals in kindergartens”, – said Viktorov.

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“But so many desperate people in poverty that I have never seen. Not everyone is born with a vein of sellers. Not everyone can sell themselves and their talents. Have just good doctors and good Steelworkers, talented tailors and humble master. But life forces us to seek new talents and quality, if you want to live, not surviving now… But on the streets of crowds of desperate. All those who could not, and cannot search and find something. Who will die by a talented doctor or a brilliant steelworker”, she added.

According to the blogger, while in Lugansk, there are those who live and plans, not painfully survives.

“And this is the biggest paradox in the current measurement of the so-called “LNR”. In the ubiquitous pursuit of the Soviet Union, where all were equal, we came to the conclusion that there are rich and poor, the very rich and the very poor… it’s Okay to talk about food right now. About who and what is cooking. About the ways of survival. Talking about it openly and not even in a whisper. Speak so loud, if you want to be heard somewhere where you set the prices and wages of those who may be talented and the poor doctor at the same time,” wrote about.

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