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The blogger showed how to change the car after being under the ground

Блогер показал, как меняются автомобили после пребывания под землей Three cars buried for a year.

A year ago a well-known blogger from “Garage 54” was the beginning of a curious experiment: he buried under the ground three cars: Lada, Toyota Corsa and Audi.

The idea was simple: to hold the Russian, the German and the Japanese year, and then try to start.

In practice, however, things went awry. After heavy autumn rains softened the clay soil and didn’t want to release the car, which comfortably lay in it for a whole year. The blogger and his team dug too sloppy. So, a backhoe, its bucket and virtually destroyed all of the machines – starting with body and ending the engine compartment.

In the result it became obvious that to make machines is simply impossible. Not so much because of underground storage, but because of injuries sustained during excavations. Users reacted to the result of the experiment negatively and stated that the Bald of the “Garage 54” simply spoiled the project, having lost a year for nothing.

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