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The blogger showed how the Russians react to the flag of Ukraine

Блогер показал, как россияне реагируют на флаг УкраиныThe video was filmed in St. Petersburg.

In the Russian city of St. Petersburg September 2, the day of the end of the Second world war, have been a single anti-war pickets.

Activists, in particular, protested against Russian aggression in the Donbas. One of them, Asan Manji, launched in the city center of the Ukrainian flag and the poster “Putin, get your filthy paws off of Ukraine!”

Also there was a video of the reaction of passers-by on the flag of Ukraine. Note that people react generally negatively – demanded to remove the flag, offered to stand with the Russian flag in the center of Kiev, and outraged that Ukrainians consider Russians the occupiers.

Asan Manji said that during previous similar events have repeatedly occurred the attack on the protesters.

As reported by the, also activists in the centre of Saint Petersburg, held pickets with posters “02.09.1945 ended the Second world war. “Can you repeat that” or “Never again”? The choice is ours”, “Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito unleashed World war II. Putin, Kim Jong UN, Assad, Maduro is World war III? Is it valid?”, “We are against multipolar world with power centres. We – for the world is one and manifold”, “Russia did not attack anybody! Our country is fighting wars which have no justification whatsoever – in Ukraine, in Syria.”

It is reported that this is the first in a series of promotions, announcing a peace March on 24 September.

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