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The blogger showed an abandoned Lada salon in France

Блогер показал заброшенный салон Lada во Франции Abandoned motor show Lada Garage Gilbert continues, “overgrown with moss”.

Exactly a year and a half ago, the Internet was shown photographs from France, which were sealed abandoned LADA dealership with new cars. And, despite the resonant nature of the news, abandoned the Vase is still in one piece. This is evidenced by the YouTube video channel Garage54 LIFE, the presenters who recently visited the salon is a Ghost.

If you compare photos and videos, you will notice that all the cars are still in their places, and remain in the same state. On the street parked VAZ-2108 of the late 1980s, Lada 110 family, “nine, Niva etc. Some of them look like new, others are in a semi assembled state (plus one of the burnt cars).

But inside, a treasure trove of rare models like convertible cars VAZ-2108 and “eight” in the kit.

The showroom is located near the city of Macon. It was opened in the last century, but after some time, his owner became bankrupt and could not repay the loan to the Bank. In the end, the showroom came into the possession of the creditor, who in turn decided salon “do nothing”

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