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The blogger explained what’s the difference between Ukraine and Europe

Блогер объяснил, в чем разница между Украиной и ЕвропойThe blogger pointed out an important point.

In Europe public order and law-abiding people, supported by heavy fines, which for many Ukrainians will seem just shocking. This is especially noticeable on the example of traffic fines.

This opinion was expressed by candidate of economic Sciences Vladimir Rogach living in Spain.

The blogger gave a list of fines for traffic violations that the indigenous population of Spain “does not” as they were weaned.

“Driving a car in Spain in flip flops lighten your wallet for 80 Euro. Yet, even barefoot, it is also 80 euros. Shirtless, bare-chested behind the wheel, it does not matter – also 80. If very thirsty, but you drive a car, we immediately put it at 100 euros. And ice cream at the wheel – will also cost us only 100 euros,” says the stag.

In addition, the use of mobile phone in Spain will cost the driver 150 Euro.

“Seat belts are generally simple. 150 Euro fine each passenger pays for itself. The driver pays a penalty only for themselves and for minors. Rear to be fastened is not less important than the front. By the way, if in the car we managed to squeeze more than (well, to go really had to…), then for each extra 80 euros will have to cook”, he said.

The blogger also listed “violation that for Ukraine and violations to call in some inconvenient”.

To put in the elbow, arm or shoulder – “80 euros only”.

And throw a cigarette butt out the window, so all the stuff is 200 euros + deprivation 4 points. (But only the driver has a 6 and get new scores, Oh what a issue – a complete retake…)

“And this fine is specifically for drivers of old “the Cossacks” (where they only in Spain know about them?) – driving machine in a cap stretched over his ears – 80 Euro…. So what that it’s cold in the car and the oven does not work. Forgot my license at home – 10 Euro only… I’m like fine, I guess, especially for our citizens. If the passenger adjacent to the driver seat, put my feet up to the glass, the ride is such a pleasure worth 100 euros. Then at dark, imagine what the penalty: towing an unsuitable avtosredstvu – 300 euros,” he listed the stag.

Also, in his words, “sticking out of the trunk boards and other stuff, a trip to the country will cost us an additional 200 euros.”

“I did not want to disappoint, but the last paragraph, may discourage the majority of motorists live in a civilized European country car Wash in the country, near the house, even in your own backyard! Up to 3000 euros. And as you want. Storm drains are not clean. Love nature in fact and not in words. Oh, and small point – to ensure that we got the penalty, it is not necessary to do all this at the police. Help people is encouraged and financial including. Part of your penalty will be help for the retired grandmother, who lives next door…” – he explained.

“Compare with their actions on the roads. Are you ready for such drastic measures? To drive it this way?… Well, how else to teach us to order? Or, well, it this order with democracy? It is better to wash the car safely with a hose near the house?” – asks the blogger.

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