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The “black squad” Glen cook becomes a series

The cameras have zeroed in on one of the main fantasy cycles with the prefix “Dark” – “the Chronicles of the Black squad” (Chronicles of the Black Company) Glen cook. Ten-volume epic story about a group of mercenaries with a long history, which is at the center of a brutal war the government and the rebels. Abstract of the first volume reads as follows:

A company of mercenaries calling themselves the Black Squad, while in a hopeless situation, forced to enter the service of the Forces of Darkness. Their employer becomes Gara, one of the most mysterious figures among the Ten Taken — the ancient magicians, restored to life after centuries of mortal sleep… Which part of the Black Squad — they will be a trump card or pawns in the intrigues of the Dark Forces?..

The production of the TV show will deal studios Phantom Four and the Boston Diva Productions. The first is David S. Goyer, among the production projects of which the TV series “Constantine” and “Da Vinci’s Demons”, but much more he excelled as author-writer: one trilogy of Christopher Nolan about the Dark knight is worth. From the second Studio to watch the show producer’s eye will be Eliza Dushku. We know her primarily as an actress (“wrong Turn”, “Buffy the vampire Slayer”), so it’s no surprise that it has already been approved by one of the main roles. Dushku will play the mysterious Lady, the sorceress, which will run a Black squad. Large-scale casting for the other roles will be announced soon.

Glen cook – an American writer who became really famous after the release of the novel “Black squad”. The confessions of the author, he originally had not planned to write a sequel, but gave up under the pressure of publishers and especially readers. As a result, the light will be a cycle that’s most important to the genre even compared with “Lord of the rings”.

Eliza Dushku in “wrong Turn”

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