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The black hole has spotted a strange object

У черной дыры замечен странный объектNear the center of the milky way galaxy noticed an unusual object near the black hole.

Scientists have detailed the center of our milky Way galaxy with the help of Takashi Large millimeter/submillimeter antenna array ALMA. However, their eyes appeared unusual picture – something strange is rotated near the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*, the website of the European southern Observatory.

The detected objects contain a large amount of hydrogen and are called “molecular clouds” (cloudlets). The photograph shows in detail the distribution of molecules of carbon monoxide – the second for prevalence component “oblack”. The resulting image is the first proof of the existence of such objects.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that these clouds develop a tremendous orbital speed around the black hole, but their weight is very small – about 60 times the mass of our Sun. According to the researchers, the stars can’t be formed out of the rarefied gas.

Early scientists also believed that such objects could not exist near black holes – they would long ago have been absorbed, are located at a distance of one light year.

У черной дыры замечен странный объект

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