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The bioreactor, the algae absorbs CO2 more effective trees

Биореактор на водорослях поглощает CO2 эффективней деревьев

Technology company in Austin Hypergiant Industries has introduced a device called the Eos Bioreactor. His work is based on the ability of algae to absorb carbon dioxide 400 times more efficient than trees. The bioreactor is capable of producing up to 2 tons of oxygen per year, which is similar to the development of the forest growing on the area of 0,4 hectares. Operation of the device controlled artificial intelligence, optimizing the growth of algae and absorb carbon dioxide.

On the website Hypergiant Industries indicated that a single-celled Alga demonstrates impressive efficiency thanks to the ability to reproduce quickly in the absorption of carbon dioxide under sunlight. They can grow almost everywhere, in need of low nutrients.

Control system based on the AI monitors the efficiency of the bioreactor, analyzing the extent of lighting, availability of carbon dioxide, temperature, pH of the medium, the amount of algae and biological cycles. Due to this, it is possible to maintain the optimum level of absorption of carbon dioxide. Multiplying, algae to form biomass that can be used for the production of oils, fertilizers, plastics, cosmetics, fuel or high-protein foods.

Eos Bioreactor favorably with similar prototypes for its dimensions – it is designed for use in cities where space is limited. The device takes approximately 0,81 sq m Hypergiant Industries until the end of the year is going, the original drawings of the bioreactor on the thematic portals to encourage users to develop similar or more compact devices for use in residential areas.

Further Hypergiant Industries will try to start production of their devices with the use of recycled plastic waste from the oceans, urging everyone to follow suit. Details of new developments will be published next year. According to founder and CEO Ben Lamm, the company’s mission is to use the best technologies to solve the world’s problems.

Excess CO2 can cause large-scale negative effects that will force humanity to leave the Earth and explore other planets, says Lamm. Eos Bioreactor is a first device, with which the company can really reduce cause the planet damage.

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