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The billionaire’s wife Ksenia Delhi was hiding in Krasnodar under the guise of a homeless

27-year-old model Xenia deli (Xenia Deli), wife of 62-year-old Egyptian tycoon Faty Slave, Ossama al-Sharif, took part in an unusual experiment channel “Friday!”.

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Xenia went to Krasnodar — conceived reality show “Secret millionaire” Ksenia had to hide his identity under the guise of the legend of gastarbeiters from Moldova. In his Xenia had to search for shelter and work, which would be able to feed. At the end of the issue she had to find exactly those people from his new circle of friends who really need financial assistance.

She was ready to give up at the beginning of the film: “This situation, of course, difficult for me. Difficult, when you refuse when you are in life or what is not denied myself.” But later, Xenia was lucky, she was able to find good people who decided to help “a homeless girl”.

The woman who is raising nine children, helped beauty undercover — she sheltered and fed Xenia. Later she is Delhi and had the largest financial help, donating 2 million rubles. In addition, the billionaire’s wife gave mom a large luxury trip to Egypt. The issue with her will be aired on “Friday!” today at 21.00.

Recently, she surprised fans with his new look. Ksenia appeared with “grey” hair and commented: “it is necessary to experiment with hair. It is a beautiful accessory with which to play around”.

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