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The big premiere on “Russia 1”: the historical series “Sofia the first” on the screens from November 28

28 November at 21: 00 on channel “Russia 1” will premiere a large-scale historical series “Sofia”, dedicated to the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaeologus, who became the wife of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The plot of this episodic film tells about the life and fate of one of the most mysterious figures on the Russian throne.

The big premiere on “Russia 1”: the historical series “Sofia the first” on the screens from November 28

Sofia’s father was the brother of the last Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, Sofia’s family had to move to Rome, and in 1469, the Pope Paul II offered to marry her widowed Duke John III. According to the head of the Catholic Church, this marriage was to help strengthen its influence in Russia.

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A story on the TV series “Sofia the first” program “Vesti”
Against the stranger then asked the boyars, the Metropolitan and the mother of John III, but for Sophia someone else’s opinion didn’t matter – she was determined to win the heart of her future husband. Girl agrees to move to Moscow, where Great Prince tries to unite the Russian lands, to repel the Golden Horde.

Video Grigory Leps for the series “Sofia the first”
When the Byzantine Princess became the wife of Grand Prince Ivan III, in her hands the result was the fate of the Russian throne. This amazing girl had a quick mind and indomitable will, on Russian soil, she found her second Homeland and love.

Footage from the TV series “Sofia the first”
The series “Sophia”, which will premiere on November 28 on channel “Russia 1”, is a unique staging project, the scale has no analogues in the modern Russian film industry. Magnificent scenery for the project were built as open-air and Studio pavilions, among other things, the shooting took place in authentic historical interiors – for example, in the Dormition Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. The show was sewn hundreds of costumes, hand-made hats, coins, armor, weapons, shoes, jewelry, furnishings and other props.

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The trailer of the series “Sophia”
The main roles in the TV series “Sofia” performed by: Maria Andreeva, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Nadezhda Markina, Boris Nevzorov, Pyotr Zaychenko, Sofia nikitchuk, Ilya Ilyin, Nikolai Kodak, Giuliano di Capua, Anatoly uzdensky, Alexander Zabaluev and others. The Director of the series was made by Alexey Andrianov.

The trailer of the series “Sophia”

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