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The best ways to get rid of age spots

Лучшие способы избавления от пигментных пятенThe best beauty treatments.

Age spots on face and body always brought women a lot of trouble, that’s why methods of dealing with them is to help the involved modern technologies of beauty and the secrets of our grandmothers.

Pigment spots removal beauty salon

With the help of cosmetic procedures to completely clean your face and body, your choice methods:

1. The chemical peeling. From superficial layers of the skin hyperpigmentation rid of with a mild acid. Don’t be afraid of pain, because this procedure is painless, at most you will experience is a slight burning sensation. After peeling remains redness and swelling that will disappear in a few days.

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2. Body mesotherapy. During this procedure, under the skin are different pharmacological cosmetic products that will take care of your skin.

3. Laser resurfacing. Hyperpigmentation skin treated by laser, the skin tone improves.

The fight against age spots folk remedies

Extremely easy to prepare the remedy, which is struggling with pigment spots – mask of sweet pepper. On a plastic grater, grate one juicy spice and the paste apply on face. After 10 minutes, the peppers must be washed, and on the face apply a layer of sunscreen. Along the way, this mask will saturate the skin of your face beautiful natural antioxidant – vitamin C.

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Against pigment spots, you can also prepare a decoction of parsley – greens, finely chop and pour boiling water. After some time will be ready, the broth should drain and wipe his face.

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