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The best ways to cheer up without coffee

Лучшие способы взбодриться без кофеFeeling that you lack energy, do not rush to reach for a Cup of coffee, advises medical doctor Steven Pratt.

“Eat better fruit, nuts or legumes. They are much more effective, because they contain minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients.


Rich in vitamin C, which begins to act as an antioxidant in 20 minutes after you took it. If you prefer juice, choose the one with pulp to have more fiber.

Dark honey:

“For example, buckwheat. Use it instead of sugar. The darker the honey, the better,” says Dr. Pratt.


A quarter of a Cup of any beans, cooked in any way (only not perezalit!) is a stable and low-calorie source of energy for the body.

Nut mix:

Prepare yourself a mix of your favorite seeds and nuts, such as walnuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds, pumpkin, sesame, and any other, as well as raisins and some dark chocolate. “Eat but do not overeat a handful will be enough,” advises Pratt.

Berry juices:

Take a dark berry juice – grape, pomegranate, cherry, blueberry, blueberry or another. When possible, choose a juice with low sugar and half-and-half, dilute it with water to lower the concentration even more.

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