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The best tips for teeth care

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Dental care is one of the most important elements of personal hygiene. The main purpose of brushing is to remove plaque and bacteria that can damage the surface of the tooth and gums. But many people do not know how to care for your teeth. What brush is best to choose? Is it worth buying floss and mouthwash mouth? Answers to some questions see below.

About daily oral hygiene. Teeth be sure to brush 2 times a day: before bedtime and once at another time, e.g. after Breakfast. Food can contain acid, which softens the surface of the teeth, so many dentists suggest not brushing teeth immediately after eating, and use the liquid for rinsing the mouth and wait an hour.

Use the floss. Plaque collects on all tooth surfaces, including between teeth. This place is hard to clean with a brush, but flossing removes food debris and plaque from even the most remote places. Use dental thread and tooth brushes help to prevent gum disease.

Toothpaste and brush. Today, popular electric toothbrushes, they help carefully consider all of the teeth. However, with proper use, a regular toothbrush will work not worse. Toothpaste helps to strengthen teeth. Brushing is a good prevention from diseases of the gums, but it is in toothpaste contain substances that are necessary to prevent damage to the teeth.

The use of mouthwash. A special liquid mouthwash is better to use between cleanings, especially if you often get rotten. This fluid usually contains not only fluorine and calcium, and antiseptic components that get rid of bacteria and freshen breath. But no rinse for the oral cavity will not replace brushing your teeth 2 times a day.

That hurts the teeth. Harmful for teeth are too hot or too cold foods and beverages. They cannot be combined, because this leads to crazing of the enamel. Bacteria that cause cavities, feed mainly sugar and glucose, so foods with a high content of sugar and sweet drinks creates an environment for their reproduction. Sour berries and fruits can lead to rapid wear of the tooth enamel as the organic acid capable of dissolving mineral Foundation teeth.

Care of children’s teeth. To instill in children the culture of dental care, you first need to learn proper tooth brushing technique. Baby teeth eventually fall out and make room for the permanent. However, this does not mean that the milk teeth do not require special care. If the milk tooth goes bad and it is removed prematurely, it can have a negative impact in the future on a permanent tooth. Dentists suggest brushing teeth for children 2-3 minutes, 2 times a day.

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