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The best tips for mosquito protection

Лучшие советы для защиты от комаровRecommendations that will be useful in the fight against flying pests.

With the onset of warm weather to be in the evenings in the fresh air is very problematic because of the mosquitoes, reports the Chronicle of info with reference to healthyliving.

These insects become more resilient, so that the remedies gradually lose their effectiveness. The scientists said some simple and effective methods will get rid of these pesky insects.

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The scientists said, what tools are the best protection from mosquitoes.

1. Garlic. Mosquitoes are sensitive to sharp smell of garlic, so try to avoid it. To get rid of blood-sucking is to crush a clove of garlic and boil the cloves in water for a few minutes. The resulting broth is spray the room spray.

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2. Peppermint. A decoction of this plant also repels mosquitoes and its smell is quite pleasant, so many it is better than garlic. During spraying it is worth remembering that mint can cause irritation of the skin.

3. Coffee. While camping can be prepared in advance burn the coffee grounds, its smell repels mosquitoes.

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