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The best the Reich (REVIEW)

This will be largely personal, subjectively colored opinion, as I find it difficult to maintain objectivity in this particular case. Related to this project I was initially ambiguous.

On the one hand, I am a sinner – not watching any previous part of”master of puppets”. When I grew up and became a horror neophyte, my eye caught other horror films such category – “from beyond”, “Reanimator”, “the Grand Inquisitor”. About the PC heard, but view at that time was not possible. Thus, I am not a fan of this franchise. Growing up, I check out the “Dolls” of Stuart Gordon and (not without regret) realized that these movies had already outgrown. To scare me they were capable of in my youth but not in adulthood, when behind shoulders already had the experience with the hardcore, bloody and serious examples of the genre, as well as rollicking trash from Troma studios, etc., etc.. against this background, the PC, and many other works of Charles Band, look cute, naive, but only just. And the quality of directing, script and practicepage, “acting” Band and a company has always been “no ice”.

On the other hand, if that were attracted specifically in this film the attention it’s the figure of the author of the script. It is notorious S. (Steven) Craig Thaler, the glory which in the narrow kinomanskie circles brought his directorial work “Bone Tomahawk” (2015) and “the Fight in the block 99” (2017). To the same man for many years was a metal musician, besides he is the author of several books (including already published in Russian) – in General, uniquely talented guy. But here, with my personal attitude, it was not so simple. Both the aforementioned paintings Salera pleasing kind of gloomy atmosphere and the presence of hard scenes of brutal violence. But “Tomahawk” I have always believed – and still believe – plagiarism in relation to one of my favorite movies ever, wonderful and, alas, criminally underrated picture “The Burrowers”. “Buried” or “Current”, as translated into Russian name of this film, told almost the identical story with the same characters, the events that develop on the Wild West. The difference between the two films is that Zalera antagonists were primitive cannibals, and John.T. Patty (Director and writer of “Buried”) – monsters, fictional animals, and very thoughtful and creative look. And while the film Patty came out eight years before the film Salera.

S. Craig Thaler.

Thus, the screening of the short film “puppet Master: the smallest Reich” (Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich) I started with a dualistic feeling. Was a faint hope that may be something good, it was interesting to see that Saler will come up with for this series of films. And there were a lot of fears and a fair share of skepticism. Have you seen the cast of this picture? Many familiar to fans of horror and B-movie name: the Michael pare, Mattias Hughes, Barbara Crampton, Udo Kier – but each of these actors in the filmography has accumulated a number of utter cheap crap that is obviously better not to expect anything good from a film with such an ensemble horror icons.

Actually, the film turned out cheap, convincingly weak (with the exception of the Hamptons, which holds the brand) game of actors, the special effects at the level of the mediocre films of 80-90 and the cinematography (and directing) work from the same place.

In all of this from watching “The smallest of the Reich” have great fun!

Udo Kier in the role of Freddy Toulon.

And here I tip virtual hat to Mr. Saleroom. 99% of this film makes a pleasant entertainment is the scenario. Experience Salera-writer impact – otherwise how in such a cheap “trash-movie” take great nashtampovali and full of humor, the dialogues, badly written characters, really cool, with booolshoy fantasy composed by scenes of the murders? And even corporate brutality Zalera found a place – at least one of the deaths of the characters in “the little Reich” was not only cool and fun, but also really forced me to wince.

Zalera the same “thank you” for excellent fan-staff who is able to check out not only inveterate fans of the franchise: glavgeroy here sells comics, and he draws them, along with his girlfriend and a friend, he goes to a Convention of geeks in the estate of the infamous Nazi Toulon (Yes, I’m aware that the original master puppeteer, the character was rather positive, but in the version Salera Toulon – the main antagonist and monster is present, no wonder it is the role played by natural-born film villain Kir). There they will meet with other geeks and a complete set of puppet assassins, in a battle which will be able to save only one.

Boobs in this movie too, don’t worry.

Yes, the film is not leaps beyond the “category B” and “C” in the technical sense he is inferior even fresh “Leprechaun”, but due to the work Salera (humor, blood, Boobs, originality, fan stuff, irony, dialogue…) considerably better not only “Leprechaun Returns”, but many films with budgets ten times more than both of these little comedies horror together.

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