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The best snack for office workers

Названы лучшие варианты перекусов для офисных работниковNutritionists have determined a list of products, the most suitable for snacking during the working day.

The majority of office workers eating the whole day that comes to hand and only a few take with you to work healthy foods and stick to your diet and can boast of excellent health and a beautiful appearance.

Nutritionists recommend that all, without exception, to reconsider the way power and include about 2-3 snacks, replacing sweets, biscuits, sweet coffee, tea bags, cakes, hot dogs and so on into useful products.

These snacks cope with the hunger, improve brain activity, energized, and care about the figure:

Prepared vegetable or fruit salad. In the case of vegetables as a dressing, acts olive or any other vegetable oil, and fruit honey.

Cup yogurt, kefir or fermented baked. Protein drinks give strength and permanently saturated.

Cottage cheese or hard cheese. They, like all the other milk protein products are beneficial for digestion.

The correct sandwich. Its components needs to be whole grain bread, boiled chicken, lettuce, few slices of cucumbers or tomatoes. You can use butter, this tiny amount of figure can’t hurt.

Nuts and dried fruits. As a snack you can eat nuts 30 or 30 grams of dried fruit, but no more. And it is only 1 time a day, as these products contain a lot of calories. That is, the first snack – nuts, second – fruits, or Vice versa.

To prepare in advance like snacks and take them with you to the office – absolutely not difficult, moreover, using the advice of nutritionists a few times, you will appreciate all the advantages of the “right” snacks and will no longer deny myself the pleasure to eat something useful in the middle of the day.

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