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The best resorts of Ukraine for children’s health

Лучшие курорты Украины для оздоровления детейWhere to go this summer.

On the eve of the opening of the season of travel on sea, we have identified where best to take the child depending on the health of any organ or system he is lame.

It’s not about specialized sanatoriums for rehabilitation after the acute stage of the disease, and on natural and climatic conditions, which positively affect the “sore point”.

So, what a resort to take the child, we dealt with Irene lesniak, family physician of Medsite “Harmony of health”.

The trouble with the heart and blood vessels

WHERE TO GO. Koblevo, Rybakovka, Lebedevka

WHY. These resorts are bordered by parks and pine groves. While the inhalation of essential oils of coniferous trees has a beneficial effect on heart rate and tones the cardiovascular system.
In addition, the air where pine and contains high amounts of oxygen. Because it acts as an oxygen cocktail, reducing hypoxia, which always occurs in the core. Because of an unhealthy cardiovascular system can deliver to the tissues the entire volume of oxygen inhaled by man.

Case of nerves and fatigue

WHERE TO GO. Arabat Spit, Zaliznyy Port

WHY. On these coasts are located the thermal springs. Due to the mineral composition and elevated temperatures of such waters tone the parasympathetic nervous system, which act as “brakes”.

Bromine in the structure of water has a sedative effect, and Rodon, acting as an energy tonic, tones the body, eliminating weakness and anticipating it.

Affected the thyroid gland

WHERE TO GO. Berdyansk, Kirillovka, Genichesk

WHY. By and large, you can use any resort of the Azov sea, but melkovodnoe beach, the resort has priority in endocrine diseases.

The fact that the better warmed up sea water, the more algae: they fill the water with iodine — an essential chemical element for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys
WHERE TO GO. Of Skadovsk, Karolino-Buhaz

WHY. Local hydrocarbonate mineral waters stimulate the secretion and motility of stomach, intestines, biliary system and pancreas.

With the normalization of the cleansing function of the liver reduces the load on the kidneys, which excrete toxins. In addition, drink unconcentrated mineral water normalizes the ion in the kidney and salt metabolism.

Rheumatism and diseases of the skin

WHERE TO GO. Berdiansk, Arabat Spit

WHY. Joint diseases in children are most often inflammatory in nature or arise as a result of violations of metabolic processes in the body. And therapeutic mud, which are available at these resorts, due to the sulfides in its composition relieve the severity of the inflammatory process and reduce pain. Also, due to prolonged exposure to heat in combination with minerals mud reduces swelling in the joints and improving blood circulation, stimulates energy metabolism and tissue regeneration.
Bactericidal and wound-healing effect of mud makes them a cure for skin diseases. In addition, they normalize the function of the immune system, which plays a role in causing eczema, boils or psoriasis.

Frequent bronchopulmonary and ENT diseases: tonsillitis, sinusitis

WHERE TO GO. Heniches’k, Village, Hryhorivka

WHY. Brine in lakes located near these settlements, has a bracing effect, increases immunity power. In addition, the concentrated salt solution has antibacterial and mucolytic properties, for gargling and nose with brine or inhalation of saline vapour will clear nasal mucus. Such “treatments” also strengthens local immunity in the throat and nose, and thus decrease the chance of ache when you have another meeting with the viruses or bacteria. Also for the benefit of the steppe air.

Anaemia: feed algae

Anemia — unfortunately, a common condition among children. It can be caused by iron deficiency, folate or vitamin B12. In the sea to fill the gaps, using the gifts of summer.

So, in order to saturate the body with vitamin B12, every day at least once a day feed him a dish of seaweed.

To eliminate the deficit of folic acid just the same scarletite salads, leafy vegetables.

The Champions of the iron content of tomatoes, cauliflower, peach, pear, plum. And, to increase the absorption of iron from meat products, their child needs to eat a bit of sugar with the dill, parsley, sweet pepper and tomato. They are the Champions in the content of vitamin C, without which the full assimilation of iron can not be. An hour after the main food (meat) let the dessert of strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries or blackberries. These berries also contain high amounts of ascorbic acid.

How to improve your health for free

In Ukraine there is a program free sanatorium-resort treatment of ill children in sanatoria money for local and state budgets. So, for example, in Kiev for these purposes is allocated monthly to about 1,000 vouchers (purchased by the Kiev authorities and partly by the Ministry of health of Ukraine).

“We distribute vouchers to sanatorium committees of each district of the city, — says Valentina Zalevskaya, Deputy Director of the Territorial medical Association “Spa treatment” in Kiev. — View the availability of tours on our website the information is updated every three days as their distribution. The right to a free ticket are the children consisting on the dispensary account, — explains Valentine ananievna. — For this you need to contact your (narrow profile) or your family doctor for a direction of documents of the child in the health resort Commission at the place of follow-up: the Commission decides on necessity of treatment of the child, determines the profile of the sanatorium and prioritizes”.

And if the hospital assure that vouchers are no more, you can apply to start in the place of regular medical observation of the child to the head of the clinic for clarification, and if necessary in TMO “Spa treatment” or the Department of health of the city.

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