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The best popular methods for hair loss

Лучшие народные способы при выпадении волосThey were used by our ancestors.

If the advertised shampoos and hair masks don’t help, you can help folk remedies for hair loss. But often we expect results after the first time use, and everything takes time.

To start, you need to figure out what could lead to hair loss. It is necessary to check your health and your own shampoo for the presence of the sodium lauryl sulfate is a very aggressive component, which degreases the skin, which leads to its thinning, dryness and dandruff.

Kind of shampoo follicles begin more intensively to produce a large quantity of fat, which quickly contaminates the head and it has to be frequently washed, as a result, the hair becomes thin, brittle and begin to fall.

Hair loss is effective treatment folk remedies of our grandmothers:

Start using a mask of castor oil. You need to heat it in a water bath, apply on the scalp, wrap yourself with a towel. The duration varies from several hours to a whole night.
Also effectively fights against hair loss burdock or burdock root. To do this, boil the burdock or root in a ratio of three tablespoons to two quarts of water. Then you should wait until cool the broth, and rinse them down. For blonde hair, burdock need to be replaced with chamomile or marigolds.
Also a good folk remedy for hair loss stands the egg yolk, which instead of shampoo to wash hair.
Before shampooing, you can make a lotion with nettle or mother and stepmother, one and a half tablespoons of dried herb per Cup of water, boil, cool and RUB into the scalp for an hour or two hours before washing.
One of the good folk remedies from hair loss can be honey. Will precipitate water, let it to cool to 35-45 degree, and dissolve in two litres of water two and a half tablespoons of honey. Massage this water into the scalp.

Characteristic of folk remedies have long their use, and best of all, the application does not terminate.

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