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The best places for fans of extreme rest. Photo

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. ФотоGreat place to stay that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Thinking about a vacation, we imagine sandy beaches, turquoise ocean and a nice cold beer under the canopy. Indeed, usually people choose this holiday. However, there are other places to go, just to get the adrenaline in the blood. The daily life has made us so reserved that sometimes we intentionally seek adventure. After visiting these places you will have something to tell your children and grandchildren (if you have them then appear).

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

10. The Island Of Skellig Michael
This island in the Atlantic ocean is within 11.6 km West of the coast of Ireland. From the 6th century BC the monks have lived here. In the 12th century the island was abandoned, but it is still possible to see what remained from the monastery. In 1996, the island became a UNESCO world heritage site by UNESCO because of its cultural significance and as a unique example of early religious settlements.
Quite a shock to see this monastery. So, why is this trip the extreme? To reach the island will have boat past the falling stones from the cliffs in a rather stormy sea. The steps you have to climb up on the island, located at high altitude, and nothing insures you from falling. And Yes, there’s no food here, no water, no toilets, nor even living quarters.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

9. Diving in the rift Silfra, Iceland
The purest water in the world – in the cleft Silfra where you can dive and snorkel in the same place where two divergent tectonic plates. This is one of the few places a depth where the water is so clear. But since this place is located in Iceland, the water temperature is from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius; also the marine life here is very much different from the sea floor in the neighboring areas.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

8. Expedition to Chad – “Dead Heart of Africa”
Chad, the fifth largest country in Africa, is a desert in the North, arid area in the center and Savannah in the South. There are also mountain Ennedi plateau and Tibesti; in the Ennedi desert has a few rocks on which to climb.
Here almost 80% of residents are below the poverty line, but the landscapes are still to be unique and almost alien. However, the problem Chad is underdeveloped infrastructure, and apparently that is why the country still did not submit to the tourists.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

7. The island of Tristan da Cunha
This island is part of British overseas territories; it was opened by the Portuguese Tristan da Cunha in 1506. He is considered one of the most remote from civilization places on earth: the nearest continent is Africa, and it is almost 3000 km away, where live less than 300 inhabitants; here there is no airport. In addition, the locals are not too fond of guests: in order to visit the island, you’ll need official permission from the authorities site. The local inhabitants are living the fruits of their labors with the earth, which is in common ownership.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

6. The Jungles Of Borneo
The third largest island in the world, Borneo is a territory of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Here is one of the oldest tropical forests in the world – he is about 140 million years. It is also one of the most diverse forests in the world, only some of the plants there are 11,000 species.
The main difficulty for tourists to climb mount Kinabalu with a height of 4096 meters. First it went up naturalist sir Hugh low in 1851; he argued that this peak is “inaccessible to anyone except the winged and feathered”. Today the ascent is easier to make, and yet several people were killed, hitting a peak.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

5. The Kingdom Of Bhutan
The Kingdom of Bhutan remains one of the most difficult places to visit because of strict government control, a compulsion to plan a trip in a month. Moreover, in Bhutan the many places where you have to go all day to find at least a village, but the surrounding views of the mountains and valleys are worth it. The highest mountain in Bhutan and the highest unclimbed peak in the world – Gangkhar-Puensum; its height – 7570 m, and lifting it has been banned since 1994, as it is considered sacred.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

4. Royal trail in Spain – the most dangerous mountain trail
Yes, in terms of size or comfort of travel, this trail is clearly not “Royal”. It is located in the gorge of El Chorro in Malaga, Spain, and was recently re-opened after an extensive renovation. In 2000, it was closed after it killed 5 people. Originally the trail was built in 1905 as an auxiliary path for the workers of the dam Conde del Guadalhorce. It is named in honor of the king of Spain Alfonso XIII. Concrete and rails of the original design of dilapidated and partially collapsed; now it’s open again.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

3. The Sahara Desert
This is one of the most complex and “aggressive” routes on Earth. “Sugar” means in Arabic “the desert”; it has an area of about 8.6 million square kilometers. It covers most of North Africa. Despite its futility, it is home to about 1200 species of plants. Now cross it easier than in the old days – after all, there are cars, but you can also participate in the Sandy marathon, which kicks off in Morocco every year. You must register for several years before the marathon and to pay for participating $ 4,500. After that you go to a seven day hike with a backpack.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

2. Climbing mount Everest
The highest mountain in the world is the most dangerous – its height is 8848 m above sea level, is not given to every climber. You can start climbing from Nepal or Tibet, but you still have to go through the rarefied air, fighting with the wind and risk their lives to avalanches.
Everest expedition held in 1920. For the first time its summit in 1953 reached John hunt and Edmund Hillary. The death toll on mount Everest exceeds 220 people; even the oxygen in the bottle, and professional local guides not always saved.

Лучшие места для любителей экстремального отдыха. Фото

1. Queimada Grande (snake island), Brazil
Sometimes even in large Brazilian cities is dangerous because of criminals, but there’s definitely no such dangers as in certain remote corners. Such parts includes the so-called snake island. It is off the coast of Sao Paulo and it is home to approximately 4000 poisonous snakes. They are representatives of one of the deadliest types of snakes, but this species is endangered as it is endemic to the island. The last resident of the island were the lighthouse Keeper, but he died from a poisonous bite. Now to visit the island you need permission from the Brazilian authorities.

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