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The best jokes positive for the morning

Лучшие анекдоты для позитивного утра Boost your good mood.

We offer you to read short jokes and enjoy moments of laughter and good mood.

Let all the negativity wash away, all the sadness will fade and the sorrow will disappear. Uplifting yourself and your family, through satire and humor.

– What do you do?
Well… I help people to find their place in this moment of their lives.
– So you’re a psychologist?
– No, I’m a taxi driver.


If you have a bad mood – go to the Philharmonic. The mood does not improve, but at least go to the Philharmonic.

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Message a girl on Dating website: “You are so beautiful that if you were friends with Angelina Jolie, then it was your ugly friend”.


The student asked:
– What are three causes, which do you like school?
– June, July, August.


If you write the cheat sheet in the thousandths bills, the attempt of the teacher to select a cheat sheet from the student – it is extortion.


The boy who is poorly versed in the world, looks like autumn birds fly away to the right.

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– Mom, ice cream healthier than hot dogs?
– Son, now even smoke better than sausages!


If you go online drunk, in the morning will detect the installed


The teacher of ethics was hit with a hammer to itself on a finger and half an hour became a teacher.


– Girl, you married?
– No, I just make up did not.

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