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The best foods for good memory

Названы лучшие продукты для хорошей памятиTo cope with the problem will help proper nutrition.

You keep a diary, in which record a ton of Affairs for the day, because I know that without this ritual, they will erode from the head in a minute. If your memory is bad as the new season of the popular series, it does not mean that it cannot be saved.

Of course, to improve memory and make your brain more efficient is not only possible, but necessary. This will help you not only various techniques for the development of the books on it is written a huge amount, but a proper diet.

Admit it, the idea that proper and healthy diet affects every process in our bodies is not new, but we often neglect this fact.

If you follow the diet is not the story for you, and to be Engaged in a Longbottom from the “Harry Potter” (which I forgot) are already tired, just pay attention to these products. They will really help to improve your memory.


As we all know, fish is very useful for the brain. Therefore, we suggest you add fatty fish in your diet: suitable salmon, mackerel, sardines. In them is a sufficient amount of omega-3, vitamin D and fatty acids which are excellent for efficient brain activity. And as a bonus, prevent the development of substandard of the tumours.


Coffee is a great stimulant not only brain activity and vitality, but also a tool that is able in the short term to improve our concentration and memory. Moreover, it is able to influence age-related decline in our cognitive functions ( that is, the older we get, the more coffee we need to use).

By the way, according to the latest scientific, coffee drinkers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease than those who neglect them.


The latest study, which was published in scientific journals suggests that blueberries can improve short-term memory and delay its deterioration.

In addition, bilberry has antioxidant property that helps to stimulate cognitive function of the brain. This should eat two cups of blueberries a week.


Nuts made the list of foods that can improve memory because of another study.

The fact that vitamin E, which is a part of almost all nuts are able to prevent the decline of cognitive functions. Pay attention to almonds — he is among the leaders in calcium and vitamin E.

Olive oil

a very useful product. It has a positive effect not only on the skin and hair, but also on our brain. The fact that in olive oil are polyphenols and powerful antioxidants which have the ability to stop diseases that are associated with age-related memory loss.

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