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The best folk remedy for angina, time-tested

Лучшие народные средства от ангины, проверенные временемWhat is best to gargle with angina.

Sore throat is often one of the first signs of a cold or flu, but may be a sign of angina. In any case, inflammation of the throat gargle is recommended.

Why rinse, and quite often – ideally every hour, will help a sore throat. The fact is that during this procedure is the moisture of the nasopharynx, infiltration of clusters, local anti-inflammatory action. Rinse and give temporary relief. And this is also important fact for a quick recovery.

Eucalyptus for gargling
The leaves of this exotic plant have strong antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. We have eucalyptus leaves can you buy over the counter in dried form, and can be in the form of leaf extract on alcohol. Any option is suitable for gargling.

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Eucalyptus leaves for rinsing should be brewed – 1-1,5 tablespoons of dried leaves pour a glass of boiling water and bring to boil on small fire. Then remove from heat and allow to cool. Cooled broth strain and use for rinsing warm not cool water.

Extract to use is easier – to half a Cup of warm water 4-5 drops of eucalyptus extract. Stir and gargle.

A solution of salt and soda
This solution is used for decades, and he received the name “sea water” because of the composition, the taste is something reminiscent of sea water. This solution works because the baking soda and salt change the acidity (Ph) of the nasopharynx mucosa, allowing bacteria, which need an acidic environment, actively dying. Solution eases the pain and reduces inflammation

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To 1 Cup of warm water to take 1 teaspoon (without top) soda, 1 teaspoon salt and 2-3 drops of iodine.

Calendula infusion for gargling
Calendula flowers or as they are called in the people – marigolds have a very strong antiseptic properties. As well as eucalyptus, is sold in dried form and as a tincture.

To use dried petals of calendula flowers, 1 tablespoon of flowers pour 1 Cup of the kipyatkov, bring to boil and let stand to cool. Then strain and gargle with warm infusion.

To use calendula extract, the necessary to 1 Cup of warm water add 4-6 drops of tincture, and mix well.

The most effective is the alternation of different rinses. After rinsing you should not eat or drink anything for at least 20 minutes.

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