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The best folk remedies for fresh breath

Лучшие народные средства для свежего дыханияTo prepare a curative mouthwash you can do at home.

We all know that bad breath appears for two main reasons – diseases of teeth and gums, and diseases of the digestive system. Once a person gets rid of an existing disease causing foul-smelling aroma from his mouth, his breath becomes fresh and pleasant.

Sometimes bad breath is a consequence of eating certain foods and alcohol. But in any case, after cleaning the teeth and oral cavity in General, these odours should disappear when this is not the case – without the help of medical not do.

Conditioner – an alternative to help freshen breath

Store-bought mouthwash for the teeth and mouth contain chemical substances, so they are in any case impossible to swallow, but this is impossible, since after rinsing they remain in the mouth and into the esophagus with saliva. therefore, traditional medicine offers to use natural remedies for making “home” not caring about the health of the teeth, gums, as well as providing a pleasant aroma in his mouth.

Anis. A tablespoon of herbs to pour a glass of boiling water and let stand for half an hour, then drain and rinse mouth.

Mint. Prepared the same way as the previous mouthwash. By the way, these flasks can be used several times a day, and even to take with you to work, which is very convenient for those who are suffering from bad smell from your mouth.

Propolis tincture+tea tree oil+tincture calamus+water. To make this healing balm you need 100 ml of water, five drops of oil, and a teaspoon of tinctures. All you need to mix in a glass and rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

Honey+essential oils. Mix a tablespoon of honey with these oils (10 drops), clove, sage, pine, eucalyptus, orange, mint, and then dissolve all this in 0.5 liters of water and rinse your mouth several times a day.

If you have bad breath, you need to visit the dentist and the therapist may have developed some illness that need to be urgently treated.

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