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The best dog breeds for women. Photo

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. ФотоThey often choose girls.

I’m thinking to get a four-legged friend? Look who most often chooses the female gender. Selection human labor has given the opportunity to receive a large number of breeds of dogs, so anyone can pick four-legged friend to their liking. However, there are breeds that are still most popular with women.

1. Chihuahua - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

The most popular breed of dog among women remain little cutie Chihuahuas. These babies easy to carry on hand or in your purse with you everywhere, they are loyal, smart and funny four-legged friends. By the way, they can be both shorthaired and longhaired, again, on the owner’s taste.
2. Pomeranian

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото


A hot favorite among women are fluffy dogs of this breed. Their cute little faces “babyface” does not leave anyone indifferent, so I want them to kiss a little black nose. Spitz is small and unpretentious, can accompany a woman, always and everywhere, they especially like to do it on the handles.
3. Russian Greyhound

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

This breed of hunting dogs are very noble, she is still in Imperial times was the favorite breed at the ladies and husbands. Today, the Russian Greyhound is no less admirable, especially if she is proudly walking along with a confident hostess.
4. English bulldog

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

This breed of dog is very proud, resilient and strong, but likes to sleep enough, and prefers to walk slowly, so is perfect for girls-a dreamer. Women choose this breed of dog is not only for status and beauty, but also for a strong friendship.
5. Doberman

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

This dog is like women because of his grace. This dog is not scared, and most importantly, Dobermans are athletic and playful, so lovers of active rest this breed will fit best. Having a Dobermann in any dispute you will most often right, not everyone will dare to argue when you’re such a serious man.
6. Chinese crested dog

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

This dog can really be called a pure female breed, many men just don’t see her, but women love. This breed may differ by the presence of wool (PUF) and its absence when on the body leaving only the crest and brushes on the legs and tail. Tellingly, the pouf can suddenly for the owners to “strip” at a young age.
7. Yorkshire Terrier

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

Incomparable breed of miniature dogs, which are loved by all, and especially women. These fluffy lumps, need special care as for a child, so women love to bother with them, men will be touched, and the children find them fun and loyal friends.
8. Royal poodle

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото


At the sight of this breed will have no doubt where the name. Gorgeous dog, requiring a lot of care. Despite the harmless appearance, they boldly go on the hunt or rush bravely to defend. These dogs require a patient and proud ladies, as the Royal poodle will not only make the company in all matters, but will also emphasize the status of women.
9. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

This is a favorite breed of Queen. Corgi accompany her whole life. So many women, in imitation of this great lady, I prefer to make this such a fun, tree-creeper dogs, as they have, among other things, also a wonderful character.

10. Shih Tzu

Лучшие породы собак для женщин. Фото

This dog – solid fluffy ball with inimitable a pretty face. Shih Tzu – a truly female dogs that like to wear them on his hands. And proud of the behavior and appearance of the dog emphasizes that these cuties can only be a strong and independent women.

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