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The best athlete of Russia Maria Laecken ready to leave the country

Лучшая легкоатлетка России Мария Ласицкене готова уехать из страны

Double world champion in the high jump Laecken Maria (nee Cucina) alarmed by the situation connected with possible non receipt in time of the Commission of world anti-doping Agency (WADA) data of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, and is ready to leave Russia if after the revocation of the status of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) in Russia will be terminated by the doping control.

The admission Commission according to the WADA labs must be submitted by 31 December and is a key requirements in the matter of restoration of RUSADA. The failure of the mission threatens the complete sporting isolation of Russia. In case of violation, the RUSADA will be deprived of the status of compliance of domestic athletes – the right to act abroad, and the Russia – opportunities to host international competitions. Also on the territory of the country in General will not be conducting the doping control.

“If there is a situation when a doping control on the territory of Russia is impossible, then we will begin to look for a country to be allowed entry to the doping officers, as Russian athletes for the last three years are obliged to be constantly under the control of anti-doping services. And in this country I will live at the camp until, until everything is normalized,” said Maria in an interview with TASS.

According to jumper, which today has no equal not only in Russia but throughout the world, the season pass and being at home will lead to the fact that in the future she won’t be able to compete on the international arena.



“About any possible change of citizenship and of the question; let me stress that until the official documents ending the doping control in Russia, I no action will not. I must admit, I am seriously concerned, as is the situation now, and wondering what to do in case of an unfavourable outcome. But I hope that everything will be resolved well,” said the athlete.

Maria Laecken is the only one in the history of Russian athletics and the world women’s high jump three-time winner of the General classification of “Diamond League”. In the period from 2016 to 2018 it scored 45 victories in a row in all tournaments in which participated.

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