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The beneficial properties and value of lentils

 Полезные свойства и ценность чечевицы Lentils – a legume that is common around the world.

Lentil belongs to the legume family that contains vitamins A, b, C, and even unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

Often you can find vegetarians who replaced animal protein in the plant, namely lentils. As it contains up to 60% protein. And that’s not the whole list of positive properties of lentils. Therefore, the use of lentils is undeniable, but what is the harm it can cause to the organism we describe below.

Types of lentils
Mankind there are about 10 different types of lentils, but we consider the most popular of them.

Red lentils contain enough protein and iron, so it is recommended for anemia. Often it is used for soups, as it quickly fall apart.

Green lentils are considered to be not ripened lentils and when cooked it retains its shape and does not lose its properties. Green lentils need to have people that suffer from hepatitis, rheumatism and even hypertension.

Brown lentils has a pleasant nutty flavor, so it is often added to casseroles, pies and various pastries. Doctors recommend brown lentils for lung diseases and tuberculosis.

Use lentils
Lentil is considered a sustainable product, since it does not accumulate toxins. Therefore, this pure product can easily introduce in your daily menu. Also, frequent eating lentils will help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, to organize the work of the cardiovascular system. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of magnesium, zinc and other trace elements.

Tryptophan, that is found in lentils beneficial for the nervous system. Because it produces serotonin, which is responsible for mood. Isoflavones are substances that are found in lentils, which fight and suppress the cancer cells. Therefore, for cancer prevention, make lentils of different kinds in your diet.

The dangers of lentils
In the first place lentils are representative of the legume family, so if you suffer from dysbiosis or upset stomach, you should give up lentils. Gout doctors do not recommend the lentils, as it is hard to digest in the stomach.

Lentils can not be called a dietary product, as 100 grams contains up to 300 calories. As we see, the useful properties of lentil is quite a lot, it is a kind of legumes are a storehouse of useful minerals. But as with any product – observe the sense of proportion, and then your body will thank you healthy.

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