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The Belarusians showed in Berlin superfast new. Video

Белорусы показали в Берлине суперскоростную новинку. ВидеоThe Belarusian company was presented in Berlin, super high-speed transport module (photo, video)

Company ZAO “String technology” this week presented at Innotrans 2018 in Berlin high-speed string transport module. According to the developers, the novelty is able to accelerate on a special rail track up to 500 kilometers per hour, while consuming a record low fuel – 0.93 kg/100 pass.×km when driving at maximum speed.

Such high rates of speed and efficiency provided by unique aerodynamic shape of the module, the drag coefficient Cx it is 0.06. The smaller the value of this coefficient, the less energy consumed the vehicle to overcome the drag of the air. For example, the Cx of a Porsche 997 is 0.28, while at the same time, “Niva” Cx equals 0,536.

High speed unibus U4-362 – so called novelty – capable of carrying six passengers and is equipped with two baggage compartments. This module is part of a wide variety of stringed transport – except the company of “String technology” is already certified and ready to operate three city vehicles capable of carrying passengers at speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour.

Also in the process of testing is cargo transport. All modules are equipped with autopilot and vision system, providing traffic safety and a continuous flow of passengers and cargo. This is necessary in order to maintain high system throughput with a small amount of vehicles.

The basis of the proposed Belarusian technology company is a special elevated infrastructure with all the necessary high-speed transport properties. Its construction uses prestressed structure, strength-enhancing ways and their resistance to loads. Similar solutions are used in the construction of skyscrapers and bridges, especially in earthquake zones.

Technology, string transport affordable and ready for implementation: the developers claim that 1 kilometer stringed infrastructure will cost from $1 to $5 million, depending on customer requirements and plan traffic. How to tell the representatives of the company, the first client she already has – in the UAE’s string transport provided the land for the construction of the test section for high speed modules. Following the success of the trials in the same region should begin the first commercial projects.

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