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The Belarusians have created a cryptocurrency

Белорусы создали свою криптовалютуThe creators of the first Belarusian cryptocurrencies (Thaler) to bring it to the international exchange in January.

“In addition, the listing of Taler is planned and Belarusian markets, which will soon appear”.

For this, the country issued a special decree No. 8.

Member of the team of creators Thaler Sergey Lavrinenko also told them how you plan to strengthen your project. In parallel, the developers are now creating their own exchange.

“Over the past few weeks the exchange rate of the Thaler rose from a few cents to a dollar somewhere… And it will only continue to go up, this is an irreversible process,” – says one of the developers.

Now this project is not commercial. Beyond following the trend, in Belarus, explained the purpose of creating actual cryptocurrencies in order to “create a kind of economic tool that can be used in various businesses, such as in different programs of loyalty.”

Presentation of the Belarusian cryptocurrency almost coincided with the legalization of their mining in the country. President Alexander Lukashenko signed the decree for the introduction of conditions for the development of the it market in the country, businesses based on blockchain technology, and legalization of mining crypto currencies.

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