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The bear-mutant from “Annihilation” became a hero fan-art

Yesterday we looked at the photos animatronic monster from the movie “Annihilation”, and now look how he has been portrayed by different artists.

Some jobs do give horror, while others are made with humor, and came out even nice. Well, it is clear that not all the performers here are professionals, so do not judge strictly.

In any case, it is clear that the beast really sunk many viewers in the soul. Bizarre, the terrifying, the deadly, the bear-mutant interesting both externally (the skull in the skull — a great boon designers) and internally (it takes a bit of consciousness from his victims to use as bait).

He could devote a separate movie, however, in “Annihilation”, he is given only one scene, for there, and other weird enough:

To the Ground flies a small meteorite and becomes the cause of great change. He bumps into lonely lighthouse that mysteriously changes the area around.
Biology Professor Lin for a year suffered from the loss of her husband-the military. Kane went on another secret mission, but never returned — alive, killing the woman doesn’t know until one day disoriented and slightly pale spouse does not suddenly appear at the threshold of their bedroom. The joy does not last long — the man cramps and multiple bleeding, and on the way to hospital the ambulance hamper the military. Lina wakes up at a secret base near the same mysterious area, which has already sent numerous expeditions, but returned, it turns out, only one person — her Kane.

We will remind, the film is based on the novel by Jeff vandermeer state. Director and screenwriter Alex garland.

March 12, “Annihilation” is available on Netflix.

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