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The battlefield in Fortnite will be greatly improved

Поле битвы в Fortnite будет значительно улучшеноThe developers intend to build up a denser level of interesting objects.

While fans PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds are having fun at two locations, the Battle Royale in Fortnite can offer only one. Epic Games has decided to take not quantity but quality — soon the battlefield will be significantly improved.

The developers intend to build up a denser level of interesting objects. For example, more new areas will appear on the West of the island — now there is, according to the creators, it’s kind of empty.

One of the upcoming areas of the city Tilted Towers, where every building is a kind of maze. Among other curious supplements the authors mention the mine Shafts Shifty. In this area, too, has its own atmosphere: it’s dark, windy and lots of sharp turns — in General, this part of the scene is focused on fighting at close range.

According to Epic Games, in the first place changes will affect the later stages of matches — imagine how hard will interchange, if the play area will drive you into the maze of tunnels.

In addition, developers want to give the existing areas of uniqueness — you can easily distinguish wetlands from hilly. With this enhancement, users will be easier to navigate on the island.

Epic explains that the diversity map was made only after the engine improvements — the game now loads more efficiently content.

Update, saturating the location details, will be available this week. The developers promise that it will continue to look at the reviews and based on them may again make changes in design areas.

Meanwhile, Epic Games is pleased to announce that the number of players Fortnite over 40 million. The number of users who visited action at the same time, set a new record — 2 million “preppers”.

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