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The battle with the “aggressor”: Poroshenko found a secret business in Russia

Битва с "агрессором": у Порошенко нашелся тайный бизнес в России

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko still owns in Russia the grain and starch businesses, said the Ukrainian journalist and TV host Alexander Dubinsky.

According to Dubinsky, Poroshenko directly relates to the company “Krahmaloprodukty” engaged in the production of flour and starch. In 2015 she earned a little less than 700 thousand dollars. This company is situated in Lipetsk, in the same street, LLC “Roshen”, according to Dubinsky on your website.

Until 2014, he says, the company is officially owned Ukrainian company “Ukrprominvest-agro” with the final beneficiary in the person of Peter Poroshenko.

Also, OOO “Krahmaloprodukty” Russia is a founder of another company – LLC “Lacigreen” working in the Lipetsk region the cultivation of grain.

Dubinsky claims that Poroshenko has resold the business to its offshore companies, while continuing to pour money into Russia. Sold the company “Krahmalprodukty” was two weeks after the appointment of early presidential elections in Ukraine, Cyprus offshore company CHARTOMENA LIMITED for 75 million rubles.

This company owns the British MOREWIG LIMITED. Director of the company CHARTOMENA LIMITED Cypriot Andri Atanasiu, who also owns the company HUDC Holding Limited. This company is associated partner Poroshenko Oleg Svinarchuk-Gladkovsky.

Atanasiu, according to Dubinsky, is the Director of a dozen offshore companies linked to Poroshenko and his team.

The ultimate beneficiary of the company MOREWIG LIMITED, mentioned above, is also the childhood friend and partner Poroshenko – Deputy General Director of Corporation “Roshen” Sergei Zaitsev.

Moreover, the Cyprus company CHARTOMENA LIMITED, as found by the journalist, since 2013 is the creditor of the Russian company OOO “Lacigreen”. In 2014, after purchasing “Krakhmaloprodukt”, CHARTOMENA forgiven LIMITED company “Lacigreen” unpaid interest on the loan for 2013 in the amount of 277 thousand dollars. And from January 1, 2016 rate on the loan to OOO “Lacigreen” from 6.6% dropped to 0%.

All this, according to Dubinsky, indicates a fictitious transaction and that “Starch” is still directly tied to Petro Poroshenko.

Earlier on Monday the General Director of Corporation “Roshen”, owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that no one sell the factory in Lipetsk cheaper $ 200 million.

Ukraine has repeatedly urged Poroshenko to sell his business in Russia. Himself Poroshenko said, why still did not.

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