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The battle began over the copyright of the franchise “children of the corn”

The Weinstein Company and their division Dimension Films in recent years for some inexplicable reasons, very little intelligible behave in relation to genre cinema. They are several years continued with the premiere of the film “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening”, did not hurry to release in “the Blue abyss” stupidly fucked (pardon my French) the rights to the franchise “Halloween”… And now a new scandal: the previously announced horror “children of the corn: the Escape” (Children of the Corn: Runaway) was under threat, as the producer of the original film “children of the corn” (1984) stated that the rights to the sequels belong to him and not the brothers Weinstein.

Donald P. Borchers, which not only produced the adaptation of the Stephen king story, but also wrote the screenplay and directed the TV remake of 2009, has filed a lawsuit against The Weinstein Company to defend its rights to the franchise.

To clarify the nuances of this case, we have to delve into the history. In 1994, Miramax bought the rights to the series and released several sequels under the label Dimension Films, many of which (from the movie “children of the corn 4: harvesting” (1996)) went straight to video, bypassing theatrical rental. And so on until the eighth part, “children of the corn: Genesis” (2011).

Brokers, in turn, already in 2004 was looking for an opportunity to restart the franchise. In his lawsuit he alleges that he was offered Miramax to do a remake of the original picture, but – according to the producer – he was told that the company has no interest in this project, as the new movies not released in theaters, and revenues from video releases are reduced. While Miramax liked the idea of a remake, only it turned out that the rights to remake the company missed.

Then, nothing telling Borchers, Miramax acquired the rights from the company Park Avenue Entertainment.

In 2016, Borchers wrote the screenplay for the film, which could be something of a spin-off to the “Children of the corn”, and tried to obtain a license for the creation of such a film from Dimension, which by that time had become a division of The Weinstein Company. Dimension are unable to confirm that they have preserved the right to remake – so, Brokers learned that these rights have moved to Park Avenue Entertainment. The producer claims that he managed to get the rights to spin-off from this company, as he has informed Dimension.

And now, Barkers suing, trying to prove that the rights to the sequels to “Children of the corn” belongs to him. And spin-offs, and sequels.

From the claim it is clear that Barkers trying not so much to achieve anything from The Weinstein Company, how willing to protect themselves and their rights. Since he cannot start production of any film on the theme “Children of corn” due to the fact that it can be considered illegal.

It is difficult to say what this lawsuit will result in the end, but definitely it can be a problem with the advent of new movies about a cult of children who worship the one Who Bypasses Series.

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