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The basis of the updated Nokia 3310 will be the platform Series 30+

I have received new information about the new version of Nokia cell phone 3310, the announcement of which is expected tomorrow. Reportedly, the machine really won’t be a smartphone, and they will gather him on the platform Series 30+.

This platform is only suitable for entry-level devices, so miracles from the new Nokia 3310 should not wait — it is rather a tribute to the great past of the Finnish brand, which in the beginning of the century had superseded all its competitors in the cellular market with one successful model after another. The Nokia 3310 is the first generation this year celebrates its 17th anniversary, and despite such a venerable age it is still in price. It is even possible to buy in Chinese online shops, although it is only a replica, really high quality. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

His stuffing new Nokia 3310 can obtain from the recently released Nokia 150, there will be a relatively large screen, a simple camera and dual SIM card. By and large, potential audience for the new Nokia 3310 it doesn’t matter what is inside it, it is important to preserve the original design, and no more. Well, before the announcement there is very little time, so let’s see what we have prepared the revived Nokia.

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