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The basis and superstructure of the Russian economy: raw materials and thieves

Базис и надстройка российской экономики: сырье и ворье

As he wrote the classics, the basis of any state is its economy. And all the rest – the ideology, policy, administrative staff, various public institutions – the superstructure, dictated by the basis.

Can the add-in to change the basis? Of course, but this requires political will. For examples we will not go far: the Bolsheviks were able from agrarian Russia to industrial power. If they did not, it is likely that the USSR would collapse before they reach the beginning of the Second World war. You can more about South Korea to remember about China…

In modern Russia, the basis is oil and gas. Yes, we still fly the space rocket, enriched uranium, is the defense industry, and other remnants of the former luxury. But it is a percentage of the national economy only a small part, but resources are the main item. If you suddenly run out of oil and gas, and the rest will very quickly come into disrepair, because the money will not be anything.

The system works in the following way. The money from the oil industry in the form of special taxes into the Treasury. Part of it goes out in the form of salaries and bonuses for our effective management, a part of them stolen through various cuts and kickbacks. And another part goes directly into the economy in the form of national projects, public sector wages, pensions and other social networks.

As you know, in the fall of income in the first place will reduce costs on the population, that happens. You say that not all work in government agencies and state-owned companies. Yes, but the economy is a single system. Will receive less salary budget buys less food will postpone buying a new car, do not go to the sanatorium – and the private sector will begin to wither and lose weight. So we are all dependent one way or another from international oil prices.

If, for example, tomorrow the government will change the fiscal rule, reducing public costs (what we have done regardless of income), it is felt by the retiree, employee, and entrepreneur. All layers wallets will become thinner. So the joy of our patriots greatly from the budget surplus looks at least strange. In fact, the funds deposited in the Treasury, and even overseas, simply withdrew from the economy. To when the West will press the next Deripaska, had something to compensate for its loss of billions of dollars.

Against this background, even funnier look notebooks liberals, pathetically screaming about “our taxes”. No, friends, you don’t pay taxes – and you are sharing the oil rent. What do you deduct for income – so it’s only what you and the owners of Russia has deigned to share. Don’t they depend on us and we from them, alas.

The people in our country – not a source of revenue, and the burden and headache. Statesmen have all racked my brains, thinking what to do with it. Not to feed is scary because people can and fork to take. And to share with them will soon be nothing, as the appetites are growing much stronger than the oil price. And not in the spirit of the market is…

If we had people not 140 million, at least 40, then we would be living in these Emirates, without the worries and without the hassle…

No, Putin, of course, is not a monster and neither of which the Russian genocide does not think: our honor-the patriots blatantly slandering him. Just in education, medicine, human capital and generally in any development of our ruling class is not interested in any penny. New gas pipe somewhere to lay – Yes. And to create jobs and the conditions for industrial production – why?

I would “why”, and “in no case”. First, it would have to spend the extra money and effort (and you should be able to). And secondly, this will lead to the formation of a new industrial bourgeoisie and its political superstructure – but who will produce their own competition?

Therefore, the evolutionary path in our case is the inevitable degradation. But for the revolutionary – even the gut is thin folk.

However we will not be discouraged. For the time being still live pretty well, like the old saying: “Eat stays! – Remnants where to go? Yes, too eat”.

That’s when these residues does not remain, take the example of our past for the axes…

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