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The basic rules of care of a skin of feet in winter

Основные правила ухода за кожей ног зимойTo care for the skin of the legs is necessary not only in the warm season

Mentally prepared for the onset of warm season, we however, it must still wait.

And while problems with dryness and lack of moisture and nourishment overshadow all the others. However, we understand that caring for it should be year-round. It is indestructible and old world beauty-the rule applies to all, including the care of sensitive skin.

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You need to remember about the cream. We are already used to moisturizing creams, but don’t always buy the same vehicle for the feet. So, it is better to care to use specially designed jars: they usually have a more dense texture, and containing special ingredients like allantoin, green tea extract, menthol and zinc oxide that soften rough foot skin and prevent dryness. If the coarse skin of the feet, before bed put a thick layer of fatty cream (oil content more than 40%) and slide over the thick cotton socks.

Cleansing and peeling

While showering follow in the footsteps of special hard sponge, brush, but the best – with a pumice stone to remove dead skin particles of skin (at least once a week). A good pumice stone should be in the bathroom each girl who came out of the age of Lolita. Please note that to buy a new pumice stone is needed not less than once in 3 months. So, you can use natural or artificial pumice, but in any case, it is not recommended to use metal nail files.

But the question of peeling feet many of us somehow always passed it by. In this case beauty-the giants have long produced helping out scrubs specifically for the feet and even complement them with the means that are designed to work in tandem or even in a series in sequence.

In General, our advice is: do not neglect the scrubs. Quality means not only guarantee the cleaning, but also nourish and moisturize the skin. Typically, they include various oils that soothe and soften the skin. Also most modern scrubs for the feet have anti-inflammatory, soothing and toning effect due to their constituent components, and herbal and mineral supplements.

In the fight for smooth and pleasant to touch the skin of the feet helps the electric nail file. Without exaggeration, it will become your real beauty-salvation. A good electric nail files can literally work wonders, getting rid of corns and rough skin. And Yes, they have become so popular. As a result, excellent long-term attachment to the immutable beauty of the feet.


The foot care you can also diversify by reaching beyond only the most basic beauty techniques. Because sometimes we just needed spa-session even at home.

So, on the beauty market right now gain well-deserved popularity of the mask for the feet. Particularly good clay counterparts, which not only exfoliates the skin but also promote the healing of small wounds, cracks and corns. To make them recommended after the peeling procedure, thus preparing skin for the next stage of care.

To provide yourself and your feet long-awaited relaxation will also help a contrast bath. This simple care will be quite useful especially for those who suffer from swollen feet in the evenings. So, contrast baths improve blood circulation and help to relief stress and fatigue. Don’t forget after you do a foot massage using your favorite cream or oil for 10-15 minutes put your foot on the armrest, they were just above his head. This will enhance the effect from the previous beauty-manipulation and prevent swelling.

As for the massage, it is best to do twice a day: in the morning – to prepare your feet for a long working day, and in the evening to release tension and accelerate blood circulation. To do massage by yourself, armed with your favorite cream or oil for feet (and you can even add a few drops of various oils in a moisturizer).

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