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The band parodied a scene from “Texas chainsaw massacre” (VIDEO)

American band Warbeast, slashing a cool thrash metal, shot a short film, which repeats a scene from the cult films “Texas chainsaw massacre” in 1974, directed by Tobe Hooper. The most interesting thing in the filming took part Edwin Neal, actor from the original.

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We are talking about the first part of the movie, when the characters ride the van, meet a strange hitchhiker, hitchhiking on the road and decide to pick it up. Video title — the hitchhiker (Hitchhiker). Also in the credits called the character of Edwin Neal. And I think his strange antics, the crazy eyes, playing with the razor is the most klipovoe that is, in the first “Texas chainsaw massacre”. He’s like a wild animal, fearful, yet bloodthirsty.

Now Neal turned 72 years old, he had gray hair, and released a thick beard, but know your role man has reproduced perfectly. It is evident that he, like all guys, just having fun, but the twinkle in his eyes is still there.

That said vocalist Bruce corbitt has reportedly:

Actually I have long had the idea to somehow use Edwin Neal in the music video. Well, after we definitely decided that they are going to include the song Hitchhiker in the new Warbeast album, the stars aligned, and this ancient idea became a reality.

The movie, by the way, pretty funny. Here, as in Japanese Kabuki all roles are played by men, brutal metalogy. In addition, the narrative woven into a Bong for Smoking you know what and photo and razor Companion replaced the disk, released by the band Warbeast. Oh, and of course, at some point guys just cut, and the film briefly turns into a music video.

The lyrics was based on the character ed from the original “Texas chainsaw massacre”. However, our short film/clip has nothing to do with the plot. We just have a stupid script, and the group is having fun working on our final project. Ed has shown himself as an absolute professional and did a great job… and we are very pleased that he took part in all of this.

So, if you want to see how Edwin Neal after four decades again plays a Hitchhiker from “Texas chainsaw massacre” — forward.

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