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“The bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov will take their brides to the show in his native Georgia

March 11 on TNT to kick off the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The new hero of the project was a 32-year-old actor Ilya Glinnikov, known for the TV series “Interns”. On the set of the sitcom, the actor struck up a romance with a fellow actress Aglaia Tarasova. The lovers repeatedly parted and converged, however, in the spring of last year in their history had come to an end.

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The producers of the show claim that political life is fundamentally different from its hero Gleb Romanenko — major and Lovelace. Glinnikov only ever dated three girls, the longest relationship lasted for 11 years. Actor, surf, football, kite, dancing, skydiving.

According to the producers of “the Bachelor,” Ilya is very respectful to girls and even before the show started and said he wants to get away from banality and vulgarity.

For the heart Glinnikov will fight 25 girls who came to the project from all over Russia and from near and far abroad. Among them Vice-miss MOE that helps the homeless; the girl who came only for the sake of competition with other participants; the candidate; the sentimental student who loves to hug trees; hascontroller in night clubs involved in Thai Boxing; the notorious journalist; a gymnast who is afraid of everything; the mother of many children and others.

“They came to show incredible girls! I told them from the first day said, “I don’t want to fight, it is unacceptable for me. I will fight to achieve you.“ That’s what I do. Don’t know what’s going on behind me, I hope they are not lost,” shared the actor.

Ilya together with the producers meticulously prepared surprises for their potential brides. Girls are waiting for Dating on the roof of a speeding train, in a Sri Lankan ghetto, at an altitude of 4,000 meters in free fall and much more. Glinnikov taking the girls to Sri Lanka, Dubai and his native Georgia.

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