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The baby’s grave became a place of pilgrimage in Mexico

Могила ребенка стала местом паломничества в Мексике Locals believe that the tomb has miraculous properties.

In the oldest cemetery Acapulco (Mexico) is the grave of a boy named Raul “Raulito” Gonzalez.

The baby was born 2 April 1932 and died 2 February 1933 at the age of 10 months.

His tomb is now the most revered, pure and most visited in the cemetery. Gravestone Raulito littered with wreaths, flowers, candles and toys.

All this is due to the fact that people believe that this tomb is the miraculous and helps to heal even the terminally ill people, but also fulfills many other desires.

Until June 2007, the grave Raulito was long ago abandoned and no one cared. But once in the cemetery came a woman with a terminally ill little daughter. According to the administrator of the cemetery Susana Garcia, the woman asked her to find the grave of Raul Gonzalez.

Garcia pointed out to her the location of the burial and the woman held at the grave Raulito a half hour, passionately praying for the recovery of his daughter. According to her, the girl was so sick that the doctors did not give her a day of life. After the prayer, she left, still carrying her child in her arms, but now she believed that her daughter will not die.

Two months later the woman again came to the grave Raulito. Her daughter was with her and she was perfectly healthy. To celebrate, the woman brought to the grave of baby a lot of toys, flowers and candles and beautifully decorated. And soon the story of the miraculous tomb spread around Acapulco and many people also began to pray at tombstones Raulito.

A few years later became widely known a second case of a miracle, but a very different kind. The employee of the municipal Secretariat of public security almost got in a terrible accident. He lost control of his car and the brakes didn’t work. The man suddenly remembered about the wonderful Raulito and began to pray aloud to him. And almost immediately, he regained control of his car and managed to slow down.

In gratitude, the worker visited the grave Raulito and repaired his tombstone, which has not been touched since the 30-ies. He also brought him a lot of toys and thanked for their salvation.

In fact, miracles have Raulito was much more than two.

“I asked Raulito about many things and each of them soon came true,” says 80-year-old Francis Camacho. It also asks people not to fill up the tomb Raulito too many items as “Raulito don’t like it and he will get angry.” And what better to bring him toys than candles.

Toys, including brand new and in package, Gibson is accumulated so much that the administration of the cemetery from time to time takes them to free up place for new. All toys are then distributed to needy children.

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