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The autumn wind will help “revive” the Rover Opportunity

Осенние ветра помогут «оживить» марсоход OpportunityEngineers are still trying to “Wake up” the Rover, silent on the red planet for almost five months.

Recently expired 45-day period engineering attempts to Wake the now silent after the dust storm, the Rover Opportunity: signals from it since the summer. However, Aerospace control, the United States decided to extend the auditions a few months. This is stated in the press service of NASA.

“After evaluating the progress of the campaign listening NASA will continue the present course attempts to contact the “opportunity” for the foreseeable future,” – writes the Agency.

NASA said that in the coming months the wind in the area of endeavour crater can be enhanced to dust off the solar panels of the Rover. The Management believe that the Rover is silent just because of deficit of power supply due to dirty solar panels and set panels.

It is also possible that the electronics and mechanisms of Opportunity can be damaged by the cold.

Following consideration of the situation is scheduled for January 2019.

In late September, NASA found the lost Mars Rover and showed his photo.

In early June, on Mars there was a big dust storms on a global scale (in size – about the size of North America), because of what the Rover could not charge the batteries from solar panels. NASA put him in a state of “hibernation” to Wake up after the storm. The last successful communication session with 14-year-old Rover took place on June 10.

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