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The authors of horror has addressed to the creators of the audiobooks, and creep-sites

Today, a variety of resources, including the official website of the book series “the worst book”, webzin DARKER, Fontlab and others, as well as their presence in social networks has published a kind of Manifesto – a statement of the authors who write horror in the Russian language, to the owners and admins of sites creepypasta and readers of audiobooks. Writers demand their rights, want order in this field and offer mutually beneficial cooperation.

Respected readers and admins creep resources
We, the undersigned, a group of writers, authors, and not very scary stories. We write horror in Russian. We are published in journals and anthologies, negotiated copyright agreements with publishers, we have come out of copyright books.
Pleased to meet you!
And immediately to the point.
It’s time to bring in a certain order, the relationship of authors and readers that writes on its own initiative, to audio summaries of our stories. It’s time to bring order to the unauthorized placement of our stories in numerous pages and groups in social networks.
You use our stories, but authors also should be some benefit. And in General it can be mutually beneficial and interesting collaboration.
We, the authors ultimately don’t need you so much.
1. Well recorded history, no gag, no abbreviations, no change in titles or texts.
2. References to the author of the history at the beginning of the record (if it’s audiobooks).
3. The placement of links on a page author (e.g., VC) in the text description of the audio/video or publish the story on the social network. The link must be prominently displayed.
And most importantly — the author needs to know about the existence of your voice or the publication of its text. The author should have the right to prohibit the publication or voiceovers, if it is, the author for some reason (contractual obligations, anything else) is not satisfied.
In other words — publishing, and voice to coordinate with the authors. Do not be lazy to spend five minutes to talk with the author and to know the details and everyone will be happy.
From us you can get not only our official permission to create these audiobooks or publish our texts, but also:
1. Exclusive stories from books that we are still preparing for publication.
2. The PR of your pages and channels on our resources (we are talking including a few large sites and a number of thematic communities in social networks).
It seems to us that this type of cooperation is beneficial to both us and you. Nuances always can (and should!) to discuss.
If you are against, if you do not respect our opinion and not willing to negotiate, we simply recall that on YouTube, and Vkontakte, and generally in Runet there is a possibility to Lodge a complaint against content theft. That can threaten for you as deleting specific records and locking accounts… We also recall that the rights to our stories (including audio summaries) belong to us, their authors, and our publisher that recorded the relevant contracts, that is ultimately the case may go to litigation, fines, blocks, etc.
Neither we nor you do not need it. We do not require you have money or embed commercials. Again, we offer mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual PR.
Moreover, this collaboration will be useful and your audience. Because the reader/listener has the right to know who is the author of the story, which made an indelible impression on him. Many readers would like something to ask the author of their favorite story. Many would like to read something else by this author.
To be honest, including in relation to your audience, post links or contact information for the authors.
So let us work together for the benefit of you and us, and — most importantly — good for our and your audience.

The appeal was signed by several dozen authors: Elena Schetinina, Dmitry Tikhonov, Andrey Sennikov, Mike Helprin, Alexander Podolsky, Dmitry Viter, Alexander Matyukhin, Alexey Zharkov, Anatoly Umansky, Oleg Kozhin, Michael Kios, Alexey Provotorov, Nikolai Ivanov, Maxim Kabir, Alexey Sholokhov, Ilya Pivovarov, Dmitry Kostyukevich, Maria Artemieva, Victoria Kolyhalova, Andrii Anisov, Yevgeny, Dmitry Lazarev, Parfenov M. S., Irina Epifanova (editor, publisher), Bogdan Gontar, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Mikhail Pavlov, Victor Chochinov, Vadim Gromov. In addition, this “initiative group” be sure to join in the future and other authors.

The authors of the “Manifesto” also published something like a FAQ, answers to frequently asked questions:

1. How can I contact the author, if I don’t know his contact information?

Please contact one of us, we all have each other (and many others) know and we will help you find the right people.

2. If I’m doing everything right, with links and references, can I contact the author?

Only if you have previously contacted the author and he clearly agreed on that in the future you could use any of his lyrics on the agreed terms.

3. I found the text on some free site. Does this mean that I can freely use at its discretion?

No. Texts can be placed on a particular resource, in agreement with the authors, but this does not mean that anyone can take and do anything with them. In case of unauthorized (“pirated”) it is especially prohibited, with the pirates deal including lawyers — don’t become a pirate.

4. Is it possible to briefly and clearly, point by point, to say what is required of me if I’m a reader and want to voice something?

Yes, please.
Step 1. To contact the author of the story, get it approved, learn the terms.
Step 2. After receiving consent, to apply for a voice acting in conformity with the conditions which the author has specified.
Step 3. Laying out the voice acting, send you the link to her author.

5. You briefly and clearly, point by point, to say what is required of me if I was the owner/admin of the site or the public, groups in social networks and want to put the text of a story?

Yes, please.
Step 1. To contact the author of the story, get it approved, learn the terms.
Step 2. After receiving consent, to issue a publication in accordance with the conditions which the author has specified.
Step 3. Posting a story, send a link to the publication to the author.

6. And if I care about you and your conditions?

Then with you we will fight. We will send you a complaint in the administration of social networking, YouTube, seeking to remove your content, suspend your account and all your resources. Until their trial.
We must understand that we, the authors, as a rule, not against individual publications and/or voiceovers. But we would like it to be civilized is that you respect us and our rights.

Note that among the aforementioned resources for dissemination and public relations audio books for those readers who agree to abide by the agreed terms of cooperation with the authors of scary stories – and Zone Horror. Audiobooks regularly will be published here in the AUDIO, in the news, on our YouTube channel. As, for example, the following audiobook on the classic story by Alexei Tolstoy. Read Stanislav Fomin.

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