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The authorities of Korea have confirmed the cause of the explosions Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The cause of the explosions of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been officially defined and even voiced, but the faith of the Korean giant, who have just lied, saying that everything was fixed in the second game gadgets, no. Realizing this, the Korean government made a statement that the cause is genuine and no deception here, and found out it is after conducting its own independent examination.

The study, sanctioned by the authorities, held the Agency for technology and standards, and the findings of the experts coincided with the decision of the analysts most Samsung — the reason for all lies in manufacturing defects on the Assembly line for the production of batteries. In other words, the version about that battery Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a little more planned and in contact with other components, was eventually refuted — places under the battery inside the phone was enough.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exploded because the battery was not any additional insulating layer, or it is damaged during the production stage in the process of ultraviolet welding. To understand this, the experts needed to study 14 burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7, almost as many as 200 separate batteries and a mountain of batteries discarded. In addition, the researchers tested 50 still usable smartphones. It is hoped that the new Samsung S8, which will replace the Note 7 and will be released in April of this year, will be supplied with safe batteries.

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